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24 December, 2010

North Korea promises long awaited release: "sacred war"

For fans of North Korea's unique style, or utter lack thereof, they will be pleased to hear that NK has promised to release its long awaited international debut, "Sacred War".

An unofficial track list has been made exclusively available to The Corner:

A Normal Japanese
Big K'Ill, American Idol
A-Bomb, Cake's Surprise
We Got God, We Got Power
The Sacred Right of the Line
Nihilism in Three Days, the Middle East
Yesterdays Sunshine, Todays Winter
One State
Sacred War [reprise]

*Big K'Ill sings John Lennon's Imagine [featuring Yoko Ono? and Alain Badiou]

Don't forget to check out the latest remix, France's very own, The Left Line, and their blistering Justice-Remix of "Scarf War"

19 December, 2010

President Palin: Healing the Middle East

The Pit-bull with Lipstick (doesn't lie through her teeth),
you hear that "you F*c%in# Islamic Terrorist Sand N^G@er$"

Peter Hallward – Communism of the Intellect, Communism of the Will

"I have gone to the mega-church for fifteen years, and I'm still work the 7 Eleven," says Joe Roberts

16 December, 2010

a (non)seasonal saw

"It is up to you (and you and you and you) to make a beautiful world"

14 December, 2010

Warning: Health and Morality: War on Drugs is War on Freedom

Foucault said it, now others are saying it... over and over Morality assaults us in the guise of medical power. We are not going to take it! Read this article: What is health? Increasingly, it’s defined as the absence of abnormality

Doesn't that upset you? Or are you normal? Are you one of these monsters? They are monsters, in white coats... Dr. F... is Dr. M...

Seriously, how long are we going to allow our tax dollars to be spent on anti-drug commercials that have been shown to produce the opposite (cause more users) affect... bad publicity is publicity... if you want people to, I don't know, stop smoking, and do not have the balls to make it illegal (even though it fits the "rationality" of a schedule-I substance category better than LSD or MDMA or cocaine), then don't have commercials about not doing it, "anti-drug" commercials that are aimed at the vary age group that is known for doing the opposite of perceived authority.What the FUCK is wrong here? Seriously! Are we just going to continue to pay for this bullshit?!

St. Stephen is personally asking you, dear reader, to put an end to this problem by any means necessary. But First: Educate Your-Selves, as to what is true and what is manipulation! You can live your truth, you must... do not be in denial, do not subjugate your-self to stagnation, to lies, to Evil... Or are you already too far gone, utterly indoctrinated? Do you suffer from the inability to think outside of your religious tradition? Are you afraid to say that you think? Are you? Are you! For God Fucking Sake DO SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING about this issue, WE MUST END the DRUG WAR. We must end this phony war because our freedom has been lost to it, because we are being literally robbed, financially blackmail, we are dupes, marks... we have all become SLAVES and ignorant complacent death mongers. End this dubious (insidious) war on freedom... For your own sake, even the History Channel has said as much about the stockpile of lies (Moral Righteousnesses, and conservative signalization) we allow our government to take and turn into action (Nixon was a Conservative Fascist), and yet, people still make a stink about things like Saliva? Power uses ethics to control people, and not for the Good. And do we ever need the Good.

"It is not a war on drugs, its a war on personal freedom" --- Tool

Social Workers: weed out Christians and Muslims, but shouldn't they?

A question to all,

If one could prove that there are schools of social work that weed out (push out) Fundamentalist and/or Evangelical (real) Christians, would anyone be interested in pursuing this? But why do we here at The Corner ask?

Well, there seems to be a fundamental problem for social work as a state (and federal) sponsored profession. On one hand, they should not be allowed to discriminate per federal laws of employment. On the other hand, how can a person who believes that woman should remain in domestic roles, and that men are the God chosen heads of family, be expected to fight for diversity?

We ask you, could this type of Christian help a Satanist, or even an atheist? Are they (really, with clear conscious) able to give fair and balanced information concerning abortion? Diversity is the real question here! This is a major western problem that needs to be addressed (NOW)! 

Seriously, even Alain Badiou points out the problematic in his little book, Ethics: an essay on the understanding of evil.

Or if, as a Christian (and we don't want to hear, some Christian's don't believe this), they believe that homosexuality is a sin, and should be "cured"? Again, we understand that some people have changed, what is a traditional understanding in Christianity. We are aware of their views on Homosexuality, but that does not change history or tradition. Obviously, we are talking about a particular type of Christian.

On that note, should self identified Muslims be allowed to be a social workers? Seriously, how could they not impose there world view, their beliefs on clients, if they are true believers. And if they are not true believers, then what are they? Why bother? And that goes for reform Christians too? Why not give up the ghost? Especially if these particular Christians or Muslims hold the belief that men are in charge of the family? If they have chauvinistic attitudes? How could they be social workers? But what about diversity, and equal opportunity, respect for religion. Respect for religion? Really? Wouldn't that be a one way street? And what type of believer puts away their beliefs? Do not all religions counsel against being "two faced," or counsel against acting one way at home and other in the world? Does this not amount to hiding your light under the bushel? And of course, this is not to start a fire, but to hide the light of truth. We here at The Corner, perhaps, we would like to stoke the flame, that is, some of us here see smoke and hear the crackling of the flames...

So, if you are reading this then... please, take the time to sign-in with your Google account and reply.

(as a note, The Corner is looking into blogs that don't make viewers log in, in order to leave messages. perhaps Google has this option and we are unaware? ---if you can help please, post a response)

The Corner awaits your message(s)

25 November, 2010

"He is of a rare type that is rather drawn to dispute with leaders that he may perceive as not living up to their title. From his letters Paul seems propelled to challenge them when he sees a flaw in their purpose and agenda." Wikipedia key-term: Paul the Apostle

19 November, 2010

Jack Frost Staff: The Uncondemning Monk and Aglæca (the proper)

Shitty Bear's Corner is pleased to announce our old fiend, The Uncondemning Monk, as the newest contributing member of the corner. The Uncondemning Monk (Um) plans to releases a some fragments of his forthcoming play, presented through a series of letters to be collect under the title, Confessio Infinitas: Non Judex (Unending Confessions: Without Judgment). Work is rumored to be underway, but publication is set for no sooner than sometime this winter. Rumor has it that Um has been working under the German title, Beichte, through instrumental-devotee Agan in preparation for transmission of his play to our blessed brethren. We have been delivered fragments of the "first" letter, in the form of an ode, which opens with Um singing about the origin of origins, while splashing in the bourne from which no man returns. 

Aglæca (proper) has returned to bring us an avant-garde digital photo collection. As legions, Aglæca have uttered one enunciation, niscience. Reportedly the collection is to be accompanied by sporadic doses of their combative medical poetics proscribed to assist viewers in their trans-morph beyond Acadème.

In the meantime, St. Stephen (aka aglæca minor) will continue to work with our friends and fiends in here and out there, dedicated to bring you the un-re-finest of the this and that (of) import(ance) from here to there from this shitty corner, a splace in time.

01 November, 2010

Election: a new voting wave

Blind, deaf, and mute, Helen Keller understood the truth of electoral politics in the United States and had the voice, courage, sight, spirit to hear what no one else had the courage to admit. She wrote what few dared to speak of, that the 2 party system is a mock democracy, real choices between the kings of duopoly. And you thought that this ended with the Pepsi and Coke Cola Wars. She named it. Keller culled it from the unwritten bible, socio-political-economy. That the truth of our republic is President Tweedledee or Tweedledum, Democrat or Republican. 

Now, since 3rd parties are not seemingly viable, I am encouraging the good people of USA to adopt an old man, who understands Duty and Ethics. That they take up a candidate instead of a blank vote (aka the protest vote). Because If your are going to get whipped, you should have a professional. So let's do it right tomorrow. 

America ---"Vote Marquis de Sade!"  

31 October, 2010

A Deconstructionist and Satan in the Lions Den (playing Xiangqi) [work in progress]

I yelled, Move to the deconstructionist
who started to dance, and giggle, and wiggle
that smart ass never saw it coming
right up from behind his back taken down by a lion
that's about the moment I started my dance,
(for) I just knew that's how it had to go down,
that I had won,
finally proved by predicting the nature of what would happen,
of what would likely happen, if I yelled move instead of run,
quite predicable, yes indeed,
so predictable, as I turned 'round to leave,
to my demise
there was a lion,
how long had he been waiting,
so that I may see my death coming,
one second sitting, the next minute
when it meant (I could do) nothing

29 October, 2010

St. Augustine's Kingdom of Heaven, the promise of eternal ecstasy

Next week we will laying plans for turning St. Augustine's Kingdom of Heaven into a Rave Scene. Rumor has it that we already have a steady supply of MDMA. It is promised that our new bodies will produce the most emasculate constant trans-orgasmic-high(s)*.

*the 's' is in brackets, for it is not certain at this juncture, whether plurality of states will be possible in our new form, or if it even makes sense. There is need to pray for greater understanding, and yet we are counselled against this very thing, this very wish, which is an evil in our hearts. And verily because of this uncertainty the prosaic problem remains in the shadows, lurking in the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of Heaven the Light of Pure Reason, and still there are shadows, places where doubt can play its game. Nor is it certain that with the end of procreation and the emptying of the guff (well of souls) that we will experience sexuality as we know it. This also brings back in the problem of sterility, perhaps even the realization of a trans-homosexuality, inclusive to a sameness in what we once understood as gender, undercutting the promise of ecstasy and pointing towards a lesser Platonic joy. What would (will) Jesus do?

Of course, none of this holds true for Mormons, as the men will all become Creators themselves. Eternally embraced and restored to their family. Death parts, but cannot break the unity of marriage, that which G d cleaved with his Love. But I wonder, is sex still fun? Or is that just something that dirty little creatures do? And if they (the creatures) have a soul, even a world, then its always already on its way to hell.

Material Manifestation of the Living State: douche-go

I had to listen to a talk about a strong State and Ethics. About Hegel and Freud, the realization of Ethics as a quest towards or with an understanding of the universal as some type of Kantian Noumena, which sounded a bit weird considering Hegel. I was under the impression that in Hegel's view he overcomes Kant's flaw(s), expressed explicitly in The Phenomenology of Spirit, but that was not the shit that pissed me off. Nor is it that she is seriously using Freud as psychology, and thinks that that structure still holds, with its repressive function, seemingly oblivious to Lacan reconceptualization of the super-ego, in its duality. No, what pissed me off was the capture by the state, and her just telling a story, which sounded almost exactly like Kleist's tale, Michael Kohlhaas. D&G mention exactly what I saw in her presentation, in their Nomadic War Machine essay. I looked it up after the fact, trying to find out if Hegel responded or even mentioned Kleist in his writings. Yet this girls project!

The way she explained it, if I can summarize what I recall. Basically there is a contract, which is always unjust, the injustice is brought to a head, the illness made worse, as proscribed by Freud as the correct way to proceed in the initial faze of treatment, even though our neurosis is un-curable and treatment interminable. The contract is violated by the capitalist, and the wronged turn to justice which becomes greater, of a higher right or priority, than the right to property, and hence allows through what amounts to criminal, or rather Heroic behavior to make the singularity of each person's symptom as universal, contained within the law, instead of excluded or produced by it, and hence making justice ethical in a way never before. Oh, maybe when the Late Ancient Greeks where around.

As usual its this fairy tale Greek shit. Yet there would be no Sparta or Athens with out much that we would not desire, and why have a word like citizen, unless someone is not a citizen, perhaps they are a slaves. And this shit is not evolutionary theory, Hegel just makes it seem like it is. His trick is the form of the dialectic (a sort of syllogism perhaps) and setting up the terms by emptying them, and then refilling. But because of this the presenter brought in the idea of the Good. And while Rawls does the same shit in his work, by setting the initial condition to give him the desired outcomes, by cutting other avenues of logical outgrowth short, as not to end, unlike Hegel and Kojeve, Qeauneau's, End of History, nor does Rawls depend or require the Good. He does look towards Aristotle but uses a deontological method unlike Hegel, who in this essay, where we have the Good, and a dialectic stacking of the deck. Any way the Greeks are hardly one people, you really need to be specific in my opinion.

So, by showing the inherent injustice of forced affiliation, contract, (which is assumed, as from the gun point of the myth of the state of nature, which she takes for granted as real [enough, for a founding myth], and which had a Hume like tone to it, although I think she mentioned Rousseau, which fits with the inherent yin and yang, yang yin of opposite, for Rousseau, we are born free but in chains, law of man sets us free), and this is accomplished, brought through by individual (?) Heroic measures and action, which successively reaffirmed, until the synthesis and thereby fulfillment (?) of what was an incomplete justice. She had the double negation of the empty self, at first empty, then its singularity (my word) or neurosis (her word) actives being another negation in the realization of universal justice (like absolute justice, in the Hegelian sense) or ethical state. Anyway, I hope I explained it well enough. But of course I let the presenter know that I disagreed...

25 October, 2010

Black Voters 'Losing Faith' in Obama

More at The Real News

Presidential Commander and Fiend

Is that a president,
that fucking liar?
another politician
another bird on the wire

promises that glitter
splatter blood on your face
warm with your lies
now the flag's really a disgrace

not really a leader,
instead a commander,
empty as your words
until your blood splatters

trust me they say,
all will come clean,
is that a president,
no look closer,
a fiend
What Obama does is despicable, he promises Hope and Change delivers to us that there is none. We should thank him, for he has done us a great service.

12 October, 2010

Bomb Shelter: End days and Empire

I was around 15 or so, writing heavily as I did, then as I am now. When, again I had a premonition of sorts, a fantasy overtook me, as I forgot my poetry.

There I was, in my mid to late thirties. Stuck with a group of people, a few I remember, some I feel I know. I had my hand on the latter. Some one had to go up, risk looking outside. It was frustrating, especially because I already knew what would probably happen. But I was not yet resigned to it.

How long could we wait?

We could only hear heavy fighting, but no more. Anything could be out there. Occupation, nothing. The end of the world. An Escape. Someone had to do it, we had pressured ourselves that way, positioning was not accidental, someone has to be the one knocked into the ocean. And I was closest to the front. Like a plunge into water, I pushed my leg down and started the climb outward.

The "bomb" shelter was no more than a super-sized fuel tank, hardly any different from the ones people use to heat trailers. No way it would survive a blast, let alone anything atomic or bunker-busting. It was just something we ran into. Just big enough to fit fifteen.

I opened the hatch, and that's when I got it. Immediately, right in the head. (I am sure I touched myself as) I pulled out.

Was it true? Was this the future, a future? And for a cause, of this moment? Once, twice, in a life time, near twice and now half way away, almost now... has it passed, is it passing, are we there yet?

And Yet... and yet there is stillness here, can't you feel it, an essence like an entity moving... there is an anxiety... of ends and empire.

Are we (getting) ready?

Caption: "the secret that there is no secret is hardly a secret you know, more secret than the secret secret, 
it refuses to be divulged"---āglǣca. Above picture: Alan Watts.

11 October, 2010

tongue soup

what happens when only the Devil remains?   [details]
it is still when and not where G d once was,
the zero-mark is the 'o' of death
the most utter lack,
the pupils we are falling
the Devil and I
she lays besides me
my only divine company
this is me, imminently, a gracious catastrophe
to be awakened in terrors sweeter than dreams
sucking in air coming out quivering
my eyes, my face, my head
"you will no longer need these"
complexes and securities
step over the railing
step over... the railings...
[now] keep going under
beneath, belief and reason
the deep echo of a thousand years is but a story
wreckage and remains dissolve in the laps of our tongues
solvating solutions
we are being tasting
ripping through... lashing

The River of Miracles

the cells
that make the organs
that make the body
the selves
that make the selves

05 October, 2010

An Introduction to Art

We would talk about art. Art. Where to begin is a problem. But not for us, for whom it has already begun; thrown as we are into this world (and that). Was Heidegger really the first to notice this (or that)? Perhaps, because of this (and that) we should start with his view of Art. Certainly he has a view, a point or two, an opinion, if not an entire treatise on the subject of Art. Art as a subject, as an object, as neither/either n/or... and, yet. And yet this dialectic brings us back towards Hegel's work, in a certain English, as it concerns the "One" and "Also". But to what end, what end indeed, and moreover, what of the and? Deuluze and Gauttari make much of it, this and that and. And so, where are we now, how to proceed indeed, since there is no way to get back, back to the beginning. The beginning of what? Of Art.

03 October, 2010

A rationale for cannibalism... how sweet the meat of you we eat

"Every time they eat a dead man, they can say: one more the State won't get" (D&G, TP, 118).

19 September, 2010

Electric Six --- Newly Released Album (2010)... Zodiac

No matter how you do it, you need to support this band (with $$) , or not, you have choices, we've made ours... starting with an Evil G mixolydian over an acceptable C [see Plato's Republic for more information]

Electric Six's newly released album entitled Zodiac is worthy of blogging about... as of now my favorite track is toggling on a 3-way-switch. The first track starts After Hours, which is, again, an amazing introduction from an amazing band. And then there is the next song, ClusterFuck!, which will perhaps get you too high as they melt your girly mind with number nine, Song of Me.

Song of Me is truly amazing, very inspirational, and even if you do believe, "listen to the cat man sing"... while the album is available in Europe and soon on I-tunes, if not already... I recommend going to see their show and getting a copy of Zodiac there... plus, you might be able to catch the Constellations, another great band...

learn more about Electric Six at their website by using your favorite search engine or clicking here:

besides... I think number 11 might be our wedding song, great tune!!! yes, a wedding song! but don't fear, this is Electric Six we are talking about, so, again, its FUCKING awesome Rock N' Roll

28 June, 2010

Republican History: The One Payer Health Plan (1945, present)

This Day in Truman History
November 19, 1945
President Truman's Proposed Health Program
On November 19, 1945, only 7 months into his presidency, Harry S. Truman sent a Presidential message to the United States Congress proposing a new national health care program. In his message, Truman argued that the federal government should play a role in health care, saying "The health of American children, like their education, should be recognized as a definite public responsibility." One of the chief aims of President Truman's plan was to insure that all communities, regardless of their size or income level, had access to doctors and hospitals. President Truman emphasized the urgent need for such measures, asserting that "About 1,200 counties, 40 percent of the total in the country, with some 15,000,000 people, have either no local hospital, or none that meets even the minimum standards of national professional associations. " read more...

24 June, 2010

Wal-Mart... A Ex-Worker Speaks Out: Reprint [sic]

"I worked for walmart personally for about a year or so. I was fired because I 1. refused to loose about 20 hours over time they made me work. 2 I said the worst thing you can ever say ther, UNION. Walmart is so anti union its sick. They do not want to pay a fair living wage or any real benefits. McDonalds has a better benefit package then walmart does. FACT.
That said the reason I was fired was because I was late all the time. That was a lie. I was late twice the whole time. Once to get my sick grandmother the medication that helped keep her alive. They told me when I told them that, that WalMart should come before your sick grandmother. The second time I was late was because they scheduled me to work when I specifically told them I cant and will not work. Thier answer to that was well you dont have a choice. You must be available when the machine says you have to be or your priorities are wrong! WalMart must come before religous observance or personal/family time.
When I was fired they tried to strong arm me into signing all these papers. They brought all these large men in from recieving and surrounded me. They told me I was no longer allowed to own stock in thier company, and I was cheated out of my profit sharing from the entire year (like a thousand dolars).
I witnessed many other acts like this in the vestal store. Like only promoting this one guy because they were gettin in trouble because they didnt have enough non-white people as managers. This person was passed up numerous times for less qualified people and didnt get ahead till the equal oppertunity people steped in. That is wrong!!! WalMart is a cancer on the world, they take advantage where ever and when ever they possibly can. People think they are geettin a deal there too its laughable!!! Example of "big savings" you go buy a crappy E-machine PC from them for say 600 dollars. They paid literly 50 bucks for that.(I could build you a better one for 400)
You ever wonder why they dont have a butcher dept in the stores? Let me tell you. The butchers in WalMart went over managments head and formed a union to get better pay and benefits and hours. A week later Walmart got rid of every butcher dept in every store =P They have shut down entire stores that have formed local unions. End story WalMart is all about taking advantage any place it can and they have enough money lawyers and politacal pay offs to do what they want.

WalMart = EVIL. WalMart = Child labor. WalMart = Sweat shops. WalMart = Lies. But you people supporting them keep on doing so, I understand there is little choice for alot of people at this point in the game they have taken over......"


22 June, 2010


Judith Butler ruffled more than a few feathers last weekend by refusing the Civil Courage prize at this year’s Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Berlin. As Der Spiegel and Tagesspiegel report, the star American philosopher of queer theory who teaches at the University of California, Berkeley, felt that CSD was “too commercial and superficial.” The event organizers and participants, including the Green Party’s head, Renate Künast, who gave the introduction, were surprised when Butler stepped on the stage at the Brandenburg Gate to turn down the award. In her speech, Butler explained that the event was insufficiently addressing problems such as racism and double discrimination as well as the instrumentalization of the gay and lesbian community in Islamophobic, anti-immigration, and nationalist positions. Butler said that she would like the prize to go to several of the city’s community groups––including GLADT (Gays and Lesbians from Turkey), Lesbenberatung-Berlin (the Lesbian Counseling Center Berlin), and Reach Out—which are more politically active.

source: International News Digest 6.21.10

21 June, 2010

Create the Demand: more doctors and public medical schools

The problem with the medical industry, is not simply a ideological difference between Republican or the Democratic party, not here in the United States. Rather, the problem is one of labor. Simply stated we need more doctors, more doctors to provide for the people, more medical personal, more doctors to lower the high costs of medical services. In order to get more doctors, we need more schools that can produce doctors, schools that are affordable to poor and middle class workers, their families, their communities. The more doctors America has, the more healthcare that can be provided to everyone. It will mean shorting the wait time at the office, the possibility for national (perhaps global, dear we dream) heathcare, and lower costs. We need to make this happen! We have the demand! It is our growing impatiances at the doctors office. It the tired soul that screams to no avail against beaurocracy, we demand to be let in to the higher fields, medicine and law.So write all potential candidates, all current office holders, schools, newspapers, blogs, and spread the word. We want more doctors, starting now!

18 June, 2010

Robber Knight [draft 1a]

Circumstances, such as this
Slender and unarmed
Robber know to stare at that which is no more
At the night that has made a past of your silvery moon
And the sun's burn that has shed you of your armor
And there you are… stumbling
Living under that alleged bridge
Where she found you…slumbering

Brother knight do not rob me,
For what I have is yours
Brother night, as day has not forgotten chivalry
so I will help on thee on thy way
Repack your things, its time to find
A friendly place, an open door,
A new floor to lay upon
A different day, when we awake it will be dawn

They shift, the three of them
They stay together, yes, but appear
The lines, the lines don't match up
Where having problems finding accommodations
They say the air smells bad around us
I tell them that that is nothing a shower won't fix
The proprietor sneers with key card in hand
Where in, for the night

Silence… darkness… a quiet touch

Mourning… celebration… death… silence…


19 April, 2010

The argot of Fourier, in Benjamin: Walter Benjamin as informed by Lacan’s psychoanalytic: The Marxism that entails: under deference

If I was to speak rigorously and thoroughly about the argot of the work collected by Benjamin and others concerning Fourier, of an argot that verges on schizophrenia, a secret language of un-sanity under the names of relationship and unity; both subsumed in harmony, an argot that spreads like an infection, affecting every porous space, while it constitutes the very forms in and of these infected splaces [a term coined by Alian Badiou], these composite constructions of the senses, then I would have little choice but to reproduce, verbatim, his entire body of work. The rigor and the thoroughness it would entail, a certain rigor that I am introducing, which has already been introduced, before me in a tale by a certain Borges, would verge on a mimetic insanity. Certainly I have a wish to forget, the story’s name, the title.

This is not so, for rigor has also been shown to follow or to unfold out a fragment, a holographic fragment with its genetic elaborations, permutations, in which all possibilities are followed in a manner of analytical rigor familiar to philosophers whom have had the occasion of thought that leads to Spinoza, and also those who engage in the pathways begun by Mendel and extended by Punnett.

At minimum a reproduction of convolute W seems necessary, in order to grasp the facets of the mapping of fantasy that flows hysterically from Fourier. Fourier could be, at once, by talking this hysterical view and giving it the proper quarter turns it deserves, as occupying the upper left place in Lacan’s formulation of the analyst’s discourse. But or rather since I am not Fourier and do not believe that I believe in my fantasy, which I am in the world and am made of, the barred-subject with something more, producing knowledge, and then producing a name from the place of desire, carrying us back to the analytical place, in the upper left hand corner of the aforementioned scheme. This is true, even in my resistance and (in)difference to it, for as commodities have need for the fetish-faith, for use value for the other to enjoy, and the master to accumulate, is that which Lacan posits is none other than surplus jouissance, or that little a.

Indeed some would ask me to explain. Explain myself! In what relation should I explain, what triangulation could I lay grasp to and obtain. Of course I do not throw out this question that I place upon my-self from the Other. For it is already given, we have instructions to compare, to put into relation, exactly three bricks selected by Benjamin. These three, let us call them Kings, as that notion is already on its way, but might not make its utmost articulation today, though its presence bear on us with its mere annunciation. These three bricks of the bricolage being [W7,4], [W8a,5], [X1a,2]. This relationship, in the spirit of Fourier, is where I would like to pick up another day, the first time when some of us shall be in the place in which we meet. A site that is located in relation another tall structure, its parallel, the clock tower. Which are, again, the points that I would like to approach and end fall/upon; the Library and Clock tower.

Note: the notes or the fragments that I have informed many of the sentence in this textual construction have not been inputted into the text, as I have ran out of time, and yet they are in my English copy of the Arcades text, and will be drawn upon as I fulfill, even if incomplete, what has be promised and traces out in the above text. If not on this blog, then somewhere else in time.

18 April, 2010

Number 25:1-18

Numbers 25:1 And Israel at that time abode in Settim, and the people committed fornication with the daughters of Moab,
2 Who called them to their sacrifices. And they ate of them, and adored their gods.
3 And Israel was initiated to Beelphegor: upon which the Lord being angry,
4 Said to Moses: Take all the princes of the people, and hang them up on gibbets against the sun: that my fury may be turned away from Israel.
5 And Moses said to the judges of Israel: Let every man kill his neighbours, that have been initiated to Beelphegor.
6 And behold one of the children of Israel went in before his brethren to a harlot of Madian, in the sight of Moses, and of all the children of Israel, who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle.
7 And when Phinees the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest saw it, he rose up from the midst; of the multitude, and taking a dagger,
8 Went in after the Israelite into the brothel house, and thrust both of them through together, to wit, the man and the woman in the genital parts. And the scourge ceased from the children of Israel:
9 And there were slain four and twenty thousand men.
10 And the Lord said to Moses:
11 Phinees the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest, hath turned away my wrath from the children of Israel: because he was moved with my zeal against them, that I myself might not destroy the children of Israel in my zeal.
12 Therefore say to him: Behold I give him the peace of my covenant,
13 And the covenant of the priesthood for ever shall be both to him and his seed, because he hath been zealous for his God, and hath made atonement for the wickedness of the children of Israel.
14 And the name of the Israelite, was slain with the woman of Madian, was Zambri the son of Salu, a prince the kindred and tribe of Simeon.
15 And the Madianite woman, that was slain with him, was called Cozbi the daughter of Sur, a most noble prince among the Madianites.
16 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:
17 Let the Madianites find you enemies, and slay you them:
18 Because they also have acted like enemies against you, and have guilefully deceived you by the idol Phogor, and Cozbi their sister, a d
(Num 25:1-18 DRA)

17 April, 2010

Catholic Churches, Gay Marriage, Sainthood, and the Military

Take the four terms above Catholic, Gay, Saint, Militant conservative(s)... now I would ask you to read this article, this wiki about two canonical saints... now this is the level of attack that is needed to open up this confusion that is conservatism, conserves these two saints, for they are renewed today: Saints Sergius and Bacchus (Sergios kai Bakchos):

"Paired saints Serge and Bacchus, and saints Polyeuct and Nearchos were canonized and the church wrote of their love for each other as a part of their holiness."


All thoughts are welcome for the unfolding of this constellation...

16 April, 2010

Nazi S.S. "elite" cat killing ritual and Disney's Old Yeller

How much difference lies between the practice of ritual (magic) cat killing purportedly committed by the Nazi S.S. as a rite de passage and the end of the Disney film, Old Yeller?

"Toward the end, Yeller develops rabies after being bitten while defending the family from a vicious wolf. To protect his family, Travis tearfully shoots Yeller and in doing so takes a painful first step into manhood" [italicized by me].


I would like to draw you attention further to the italicized words, "a painful fist step into manhood." I don't know if anyone reading this, if you have had the displeasure of putting a loved one to death, but what it signals, for me, is a cruelty, an uncaring of a world of learned indifference, and not the impersonal as that which is attributed to our (material) universe(s). This chosen cruelty is a particularly type of disconnect, and if that disconnect is manhood, perhaps we might keep considering its meaning, not as manhood, but as a cruelty personified through a ritual and thereby of lived experience. That we might consider the production of anguish and deadening, but not as manhood, or at least not a kind of manhood that I would want to keep in circulation. To me, what opens here is a site that allows one to make the claim that if it is the social situation that presents us with limited choices, and hands us (unconsciously) a logic to follow, then the social situation could also be said to be causing these deaths. But this does not subtract the agent from the equation, we are very much the social situation. And if these ifs and then are thereby supposed and allows to continue, then one is further given a way, given away, to say, "your be coming a man," when you make the hard choice, to kill that which you love, to save what you love, is more than just hard to swallow. What is it that chokes thee?

25 March, 2010

I am not (I am nothing)

Hypothesis: I is not
Null Hypothesis: I is

Experiment: locate the "I", a term that may be referred to other terms, which are not always perfectly congruent, which is to say, each term has a unique constellation of its own, even while forming a constellation with the term "I".
And yet, the term "I" is often interchanged, related, and-or referential with other terms, which are each, often (in the "Western world"), bounded by an association with "I" and hence maybe be said to form a constellation, with the notions of the Self and-or person-hood, at times even Being.

continued... searching comes to fragmentation (David Hume), an infinite, perhaps a singularity (Derrida, Stephen Hawking), but no "I" is found (Hume, Lacan, Derrida, Zizek); I is non-locatable in time-space, hence "I" can not be found.

Result: Null Hypothesis invalid

conclusion (thus far): hypothesis stands

Interpretation: (an) I-am: (is) infinite, a singularity, beyond space-time, I am nothing. A positive interpretation (is) I am virtual.

23 March, 2010

transcendental ipseity with me, and me

I went to seek out the animal
And no animals where to be found
Did they hear me, smell me, my humanity coming
And are hiding, fearful of a me, that is not and is, me
My humanity, wouldn't let me see [be],
"it", this questionable and problematic it,
does it keep these other creatures away from me?
Perhaps if I am still and wait,
A non-human creature will come to me [to be]
Seeing my difference from humanity

I will risk hurt in my love, what choice do I have
I cannot have love, but can I choose not to have this that comes
To me, from me, that is always about you
I have love, but shall I risk to follow
I follow you, compelled by desire
You will hurt me, at once, I am always already hurt
At the moment of (re)cognition of my love is a pang
I will follow you willingly, I will not resist my disillusion of being, drowned me
So that I resurface with you anew (fresh and not board[-ed] up, ennui)

©2001 St. Stephen

22 March, 2010

Our Vampiric Slumbers in the Middle of History

With so much to choose from, in the Paris arcades, in the project by Benjamin, one must go with what strikes one the most. Indeed, which is why at this time, I would like to call your attention to a correction, nay, an addition to the text, as commentary. On page 545, of the 2002 paperback English edition of The Arcades Project, fragment [S1a, 4], there is a note left to us, the reader, to compare it against fragment [N10, 1]. Yet if one is to concern oneself with the middle, the concept of the middle, perhaps we should turn and examine fragment [N15, 2]. This alternative or additional fragment or entry can be understood as preempting or prefiguring the later entry [S1a, 4].

What calls my attention from [S1a, 4] to [N15, 2] rather than [N10, 1] is the term middle. Indeed, we are always in the middle. As it is often said, in reference to the philosopher Heidegger, perhaps now, also in reference to the poet-musician Jim Morison, “into this world we are thrown,” and one must be thrown into, which suggest at once a starting from a middle, from that which is already there, perhaps waiting for our entrance, our coming out into a world.

At this moment, or in a moment proceeding this moment, depending on the length of exposure one allows their passage of time, between its demarcations, which are perhaps not so very alien to our conventions for breaking time into hours, minutes, seconds, so on and so forth, I would like to quote at length the second of these two entries, entry [N15, 2], which is rather short, but by no means short on insight. Benjamin writes that, “at any given time, the living see themselves in the midday of history. They are obliged to prepare a banquet for the past. The historian is the herald who invites the dead to the table.” Yes, the midday of history, our day which with every breath is passing, piling up like the rubble of the past only viewable from the grand and terrifying position of Benjamin’s “Angelus Novus,” drawn by Paul Klee. I refer to this piece as Benjamin’s, not only because he purchased it from Klee, but because his interpretation of this avant-garde piece, which can be found in his Ninth Thesis of Philosophy, brings to life its revelatory features, which are far beyond the scope of this present text.

Turning forward, that is back to the entry [S1a, 4], perhaps now one sees, that is understands why I would make an even trade with entry [N10, 1] for [N15, 2]. Perhaps a quote from the middle of entry [S1a, 4], will make my trading, my insistence on [N15, 2], as an addition, clear, which I hope you will agree is already connected to each, even if implicitly. The middle of the [S1a, 4] states, “the desperately clear consciousness of being in the middle of a crisis is something chronic in humanity. Every age unavoidably seems to itself a new age.” Each generation, each person entering into a world, is fresh and new in possibility, a not-yet-beaten into the ways of their fathers-fathers, into conformity.

Indeed each and every person should dream. They should dream and live as if at each moment there is the real possibility for change, for another golden dawn, another awakening. But this is not to escape, but rather to end a tired dream that acts like a vampire, feeding off the blood of anything that sparkles, even for a moment, with vitality. Such that its spell drags us slumbering, deadening us before our time. What is this monster’s name? What do we call this vampire? This eminently historical thing that philosophers, such as Zizek, endlessly lament and call out as an over glorified non-being, in which we utterly believe. We call this thing progress. But this is nothing more than a deluded tendency, to believe that this way is it, which is the way it was, and shall, in all ways, always be. I say to progress, “get behind me Satan.”

©2001 St. Stephen


I deconstruct to let that which was netted, so tightly together, to be
freed into the sea

So let It come together another day, I am tired, and they need glee

purchase not now, what want you want, put it on layaway,
a plan that has sufficiently entered our dictionaries

and be not a fright
at the sight
of a man walking
in the shadows alone,
in the supermarket,
where we are all free to Rome
peaceably ...

16 March, 2010

a comment on Derrida's comment on Nietzsche commenting on the human animal

In, The Animal That Therefore I AM, Derrida remarks about a comment Nietzsche made, "to the man about whom Nietzsche said (I no longer remember where) something to the effect that is was an as yet undetermined animal, an animal lacking in itself" (Derrida, 2008, p. 3)

The larval subject, of Deleuze, Beckett, Badiou, and more, the larval infant, an animal that ends before completion, whatever that might mean. What that can mean shall be left for another other (brother), gender aside. Perhaps that is so, but for now, again it shall be passed over, pushed off on-to another time (of mine), if ever such a moment occurs. Returning to this non-finishing creature that I am supposed to be, I ask you, are we really alone in this lacking? No, because it is only to an imagined ideal that we lack against, we lack against nothings, as surely lack is nothing and nothing is lack, but things are lacking, the one thing, unity and the real.

So now one could properly attempt the question, do animals have ideals, a refractive imagination, a self consciousness or self awareness? Do they understand themselves as selves, as whole or even as being, are they aware they are (experiencing), or is this automata a semblance of being, which any of you might be? We pray earnestly, dear father paranoia set me free. He does not easily, and yet at any given time you are free to escape his company, his spell of alterity, but can one utterly, completely leave? Father paranoia set me free. Even Heidegger "gives" them, attributes to them some world as he makes the gradation within the hierarchical set out by Aristotle, that of kinds, from minerals to vegetables, from animals to human, Heidegger stays within the tradition he claims to oppose on his way to Dasein. Heidegger is such a Christian; did he secretly know it? Or was he just reaching into the Christian tradition to liberate the Greek as he claimed? That was his claim was it not? [I should search his text for any mention of this]. And while the proceeding is worthy of further elaboration, and if not, then of an eventual return, a promise even, but there is no-time, that is to state, not this text, not now, at least, not this now. Yes, other animals too must structure their world, hence they have a capacity to idealize, to generalize, universalize, which is nothing but real, and when, even among US is it the same, a truthish-thing that compels me to sing inside of me, to my self, my ipse, ("o' say can you see, there is no nation that I can greet, only representatives, dignitaries, for legions of emissaries, waves of nameless plebes, yes, you too, to you a 'tis to thee").

© St. Stephen, All Right Reserved, 2010

14 March, 2010

20 Seconds In... [1, 1a]

with no one to talk to you are left to talk to yourself
infinitely dividing all that you know
a fracturing mirror that has no
lens torquere, the question that spirals in and out
bending, torturous, lamenting

to the side an alternate glancing shudders in
a moment's hesitation and the arrangement is lost
retaken in the possible regimes
that will, perhaps, be placed
upon this unembarrassed
larval stage where we were once
released, desperately pushing memory
towards a crime
scene of an image to be
forsaken familiarity
dead roots on a family-tree

© 2010

Crisis in Europe, a Fragment there from...

"...if history has nothing more to teach us
than that all the shapes of the spiritual
world, all the conditions of life, ideals, norms
upon which man relies, form and dissolve
themselves like fleeting waves, that it always
was and ever will be so, that again and
again reason must turn into nonsense, and
well-being into misery. Can we live in this
world, where historical occurrence is nothing
but an unending concatenation of illusory
progress and bitter disappointment?
" Edmond Husserl

13 March, 2010

Amazing offer for Rare Books... Bibliophiles wanted

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03 March, 2010

Benediction vers monde ennuye

What do I owe the world, a world that will not listen

What do I owe thee, I ask you

Do you have want to feel obliged,
have you had want to be my Bride

No, you're just the guy next door,
the girl down the hall, that cute fag in the elevator

This is all you are, perpetual, at a distance, stay away,
In your world, where it is safe
With your count
And your numb (burr) being
You stay there with that
Keep away, I need not be bothered

Did you pick me up
As you look at me,
an eye softened, scraped and bleeding
Light, so tired light
It grows cold as I fix on you
You are in my shadow
Allow me to stab [scrap away] your face

...(erase you)...

© 2010

09 February, 2010


The repetitive bastard motion is God
The final solution is an answer to a question we all must ask
Because our death is our lives
These truths are those from which we can (no longer) barely deny
Uncomfortable is a know-how
 Decision in permanence
 Erasure abides
The uppercasing is a marker
Each time, importance is given to the line
Corrections automatic, with a recognition function that may (not) be thinking
Of the whiles of that that lagging as self, right behind
In Time

…they asked me how I was; I should have been honest and simply said I don’t know

© 2010

03 February, 2010

Underground Clarity

One stain on the mind and to long into its ground
Happy are those that in those moments hear not the sound
That gurgles
Sell it all off twice
Send a happy
Note to islam
Send a happy twice
That isn’t the way its meant to be
The way that you say that to me
In the morning there is sun
The saturnalia we are… undone
Sadly whisper to you now

We have waited in the cloudes
Too late and the summers gone
We thought we would, couldn’t, get along

And now its done
Under the sun
The moon is still
The world it reels
The world it’s still in its real
© 2010

01 February, 2010

As I Watch My Father Die

as I watch my father die, reading Nietzsche
I feel sick to my stomach
haven’t eaten much, whimpering, and a void
the emptiness of a soul
lying there, Nietzsche, in an extra-moral sense
as in a story
we went places, no-where really, not knowing where he was
--i am going to my bed
--you’re already laying in it
it was too intimate to write, but i know you will never know
that the words will never place you there
as we are where we are
and you are there
clearly, this is true
he said
that the man who invented paint had a daughter
and one day she got very ill
the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her
she was dying
but she would live as long as he keep her
so every day watching over her
painting her
“have I not fed you enough” he said.
my time is shrinking (dwindling), I now feel its pains, I know
the brush
drops in the water
nourishment had ended
emptied the wells, dry, time had come all along
that moment, this moment, in and out, already, the dreaming ends with a dreaming
there was a man who invented paint,
that is why there are so many people named after him
even girls bare his name,
but only special girls bear hers,
sweet, porcelain, kept
reflected, laid down, she was given with no return
emptying a soul in dreaming, a dry spell in which to walk away
before the floor of dreaming takes us into the wells infinite hole
until we dissipate dreaming
I was sitting by the bed, my father lay dying, nothing passed through, only exits, rejected en-trance,
preparing on-t(o)-a slip, but firm still, to throughout
I was reading Nietzsche, lying in the extra-moral sense,
that we were just a story we told our-selves
while trying to decipher the flies buzzing way
© 2010

04 January, 2010


So many doors before us
But the last is juste the same
Only one for each of us
Even though we slip beneath its face
A touch and taste
Fragments and dreams we bring back
Greet us as we surface
Our figuration passing through theatric breaks

So many have gone before us
Along the varied pathways
With eyes uneven piercing a clearing
Peer into a splace effaced
Fragmented living scenes
Greet us as we cross in through the margin(s)
In this liminal thrashing to hold
Amid a night somnambular
Infinitely lost between
Zero and one
One un-remembering nothing
Indistinguishable boundaries
 Surfaces a one does not escape

© 2010