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25 November, 2010

"He is of a rare type that is rather drawn to dispute with leaders that he may perceive as not living up to their title. From his letters Paul seems propelled to challenge them when he sees a flaw in their purpose and agenda." Wikipedia key-term: Paul the Apostle

19 November, 2010

Jack Frost Staff: The Uncondemning Monk and Aglæca (the proper)

Shitty Bear's Corner is pleased to announce our old fiend, The Uncondemning Monk, as the newest contributing member of the corner. The Uncondemning Monk (Um) plans to releases a some fragments of his forthcoming play, presented through a series of letters to be collect under the title, Confessio Infinitas: Non Judex (Unending Confessions: Without Judgment). Work is rumored to be underway, but publication is set for no sooner than sometime this winter. Rumor has it that Um has been working under the German title, Beichte, through instrumental-devotee Agan in preparation for transmission of his play to our blessed brethren. We have been delivered fragments of the "first" letter, in the form of an ode, which opens with Um singing about the origin of origins, while splashing in the bourne from which no man returns. 

Aglæca (proper) has returned to bring us an avant-garde digital photo collection. As legions, Aglæca have uttered one enunciation, niscience. Reportedly the collection is to be accompanied by sporadic doses of their combative medical poetics proscribed to assist viewers in their trans-morph beyond Acadème.

In the meantime, St. Stephen (aka aglæca minor) will continue to work with our friends and fiends in here and out there, dedicated to bring you the un-re-finest of the this and that (of) import(ance) from here to there from this shitty corner, a splace in time.

01 November, 2010

Election: a new voting wave

Blind, deaf, and mute, Helen Keller understood the truth of electoral politics in the United States and had the voice, courage, sight, spirit to hear what no one else had the courage to admit. She wrote what few dared to speak of, that the 2 party system is a mock democracy, real choices between the kings of duopoly. And you thought that this ended with the Pepsi and Coke Cola Wars. She named it. Keller culled it from the unwritten bible, socio-political-economy. That the truth of our republic is President Tweedledee or Tweedledum, Democrat or Republican. 

Now, since 3rd parties are not seemingly viable, I am encouraging the good people of USA to adopt an old man, who understands Duty and Ethics. That they take up a candidate instead of a blank vote (aka the protest vote). Because If your are going to get whipped, you should have a professional. So let's do it right tomorrow. 

America ---"Vote Marquis de Sade!"