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24 December, 2010

North Korea promises long awaited release: "sacred war"

For fans of North Korea's unique style, or utter lack thereof, they will be pleased to hear that NK has promised to release its long awaited international debut, "Sacred War".

An unofficial track list has been made exclusively available to The Corner:

A Normal Japanese
Big K'Ill, American Idol
A-Bomb, Cake's Surprise
We Got God, We Got Power
The Sacred Right of the Line
Nihilism in Three Days, the Middle East
Yesterdays Sunshine, Todays Winter
One State
Sacred War [reprise]

*Big K'Ill sings John Lennon's Imagine [featuring Yoko Ono? and Alain Badiou]

Don't forget to check out the latest remix, France's very own, The Left Line, and their blistering Justice-Remix of "Scarf War"

19 December, 2010

President Palin: Healing the Middle East

The Pit-bull with Lipstick (doesn't lie through her teeth),
you hear that "you F*c%in# Islamic Terrorist Sand N^G@er$"

Peter Hallward – Communism of the Intellect, Communism of the Will

"I have gone to the mega-church for fifteen years, and I'm still work the 7 Eleven," says Joe Roberts

16 December, 2010

a (non)seasonal saw

"It is up to you (and you and you and you) to make a beautiful world"

14 December, 2010

Warning: Health and Morality: War on Drugs is War on Freedom

Foucault said it, now others are saying it... over and over Morality assaults us in the guise of medical power. We are not going to take it! Read this article: What is health? Increasingly, it’s defined as the absence of abnormality

Doesn't that upset you? Or are you normal? Are you one of these monsters? They are monsters, in white coats... Dr. F... is Dr. M...

Seriously, how long are we going to allow our tax dollars to be spent on anti-drug commercials that have been shown to produce the opposite (cause more users) affect... bad publicity is publicity... if you want people to, I don't know, stop smoking, and do not have the balls to make it illegal (even though it fits the "rationality" of a schedule-I substance category better than LSD or MDMA or cocaine), then don't have commercials about not doing it, "anti-drug" commercials that are aimed at the vary age group that is known for doing the opposite of perceived authority.What the FUCK is wrong here? Seriously! Are we just going to continue to pay for this bullshit?!

St. Stephen is personally asking you, dear reader, to put an end to this problem by any means necessary. But First: Educate Your-Selves, as to what is true and what is manipulation! You can live your truth, you must... do not be in denial, do not subjugate your-self to stagnation, to lies, to Evil... Or are you already too far gone, utterly indoctrinated? Do you suffer from the inability to think outside of your religious tradition? Are you afraid to say that you think? Are you? Are you! For God Fucking Sake DO SOMETHING, DO SOMETHING about this issue, WE MUST END the DRUG WAR. We must end this phony war because our freedom has been lost to it, because we are being literally robbed, financially blackmail, we are dupes, marks... we have all become SLAVES and ignorant complacent death mongers. End this dubious (insidious) war on freedom... For your own sake, even the History Channel has said as much about the stockpile of lies (Moral Righteousnesses, and conservative signalization) we allow our government to take and turn into action (Nixon was a Conservative Fascist), and yet, people still make a stink about things like Saliva? Power uses ethics to control people, and not for the Good. And do we ever need the Good.

"It is not a war on drugs, its a war on personal freedom" --- Tool

Social Workers: weed out Christians and Muslims, but shouldn't they?

A question to all,

If one could prove that there are schools of social work that weed out (push out) Fundamentalist and/or Evangelical (real) Christians, would anyone be interested in pursuing this? But why do we here at The Corner ask?

Well, there seems to be a fundamental problem for social work as a state (and federal) sponsored profession. On one hand, they should not be allowed to discriminate per federal laws of employment. On the other hand, how can a person who believes that woman should remain in domestic roles, and that men are the God chosen heads of family, be expected to fight for diversity?

We ask you, could this type of Christian help a Satanist, or even an atheist? Are they (really, with clear conscious) able to give fair and balanced information concerning abortion? Diversity is the real question here! This is a major western problem that needs to be addressed (NOW)! 

Seriously, even Alain Badiou points out the problematic in his little book, Ethics: an essay on the understanding of evil.

Or if, as a Christian (and we don't want to hear, some Christian's don't believe this), they believe that homosexuality is a sin, and should be "cured"? Again, we understand that some people have changed, what is a traditional understanding in Christianity. We are aware of their views on Homosexuality, but that does not change history or tradition. Obviously, we are talking about a particular type of Christian.

On that note, should self identified Muslims be allowed to be a social workers? Seriously, how could they not impose there world view, their beliefs on clients, if they are true believers. And if they are not true believers, then what are they? Why bother? And that goes for reform Christians too? Why not give up the ghost? Especially if these particular Christians or Muslims hold the belief that men are in charge of the family? If they have chauvinistic attitudes? How could they be social workers? But what about diversity, and equal opportunity, respect for religion. Respect for religion? Really? Wouldn't that be a one way street? And what type of believer puts away their beliefs? Do not all religions counsel against being "two faced," or counsel against acting one way at home and other in the world? Does this not amount to hiding your light under the bushel? And of course, this is not to start a fire, but to hide the light of truth. We here at The Corner, perhaps, we would like to stoke the flame, that is, some of us here see smoke and hear the crackling of the flames...

So, if you are reading this then... please, take the time to sign-in with your Google account and reply.

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