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05 October, 2010

An Introduction to Art

We would talk about art. Art. Where to begin is a problem. But not for us, for whom it has already begun; thrown as we are into this world (and that). Was Heidegger really the first to notice this (or that)? Perhaps, because of this (and that) we should start with his view of Art. Certainly he has a view, a point or two, an opinion, if not an entire treatise on the subject of Art. Art as a subject, as an object, as neither/either n/or... and, yet. And yet this dialectic brings us back towards Hegel's work, in a certain English, as it concerns the "One" and "Also". But to what end, what end indeed, and moreover, what of the and? Deuluze and Gauttari make much of it, this and that and. And so, where are we now, how to proceed indeed, since there is no way to get back, back to the beginning. The beginning of what? Of Art.