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11 October, 2010

tongue soup

what happens when only the Devil remains?   [details]
it is still when and not where G d once was,
the zero-mark is the 'o' of death
the most utter lack,
the pupils we are falling
the Devil and I
she lays besides me
my only divine company
this is me, imminently, a gracious catastrophe
to be awakened in terrors sweeter than dreams
sucking in air coming out quivering
my eyes, my face, my head
"you will no longer need these"
complexes and securities
step over the railing
step over... the railings...
[now] keep going under
beneath, belief and reason
the deep echo of a thousand years is but a story
wreckage and remains dissolve in the laps of our tongues
solvating solutions
we are being tasting
ripping through... lashing

The River of Miracles

the cells
that make the organs
that make the body
the selves
that make the selves