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31 October, 2010

A Deconstructionist and Satan in the Lions Den (playing Xiangqi) [work in progress]

I yelled, Move to the deconstructionist
who started to dance, and giggle, and wiggle
that smart ass never saw it coming
right up from behind his back taken down by a lion
that's about the moment I started my dance,
(for) I just knew that's how it had to go down,
that I had won,
finally proved by predicting the nature of what would happen,
of what would likely happen, if I yelled move instead of run,
quite predicable, yes indeed,
so predictable, as I turned 'round to leave,
to my demise
there was a lion,
how long had he been waiting,
so that I may see my death coming,
one second sitting, the next minute
when it meant (I could do) nothing