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24 December, 2010

North Korea promises long awaited release: "sacred war"

For fans of North Korea's unique style, or utter lack thereof, they will be pleased to hear that NK has promised to release its long awaited international debut, "Sacred War".

An unofficial track list has been made exclusively available to The Corner:

A Normal Japanese
Big K'Ill, American Idol
A-Bomb, Cake's Surprise
We Got God, We Got Power
The Sacred Right of the Line
Nihilism in Three Days, the Middle East
Yesterdays Sunshine, Todays Winter
One State
Sacred War [reprise]

*Big K'Ill sings John Lennon's Imagine [featuring Yoko Ono? and Alain Badiou]

Don't forget to check out the latest remix, France's very own, The Left Line, and their blistering Justice-Remix of "Scarf War"