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27 April, 2011

Difference and Repetition: Deleuze and the Third Time

Greetings readers,

Gilles Deleuze
The last part of the "Conclusion" of Difference and Repetition, focuses on time, as tripartite, from whence comes a Deleuzean-Nietzschean concept, an apocalyptic of the third time. A time which is said to "re-form a strange loop which in no way resemble the earlier cycle [time as a circle, Hegel and the Absolute idea, his dialectical method, for example], but leads into the formless, and operates only for the third time and for that which belongs to it" (p. 296, Eng. Trans. by Patton). Now does this concerns simulacra, yes, affirming differences, nomadic and crowned anarchies, yes. We have no more questions as we have no less erased what was here before, as we are drops in the ocean, dissolved cognito, the one saying the uncountable multitudes. It is an announcement, that we have read to the point of no longer knowing, we come face to face with ignorance and knowledge, and hence we must think, we must write.