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25 May, 2011

One True TOPI Tribe (OTTT): a new way on... a legacy gifted

OTTT, is to be, is already, a legacy that is a gift, a gift of a community, spelled quite differently (individuals couming to-gather together, not as One but in coum-unity)... those who are able to read these works, read this mission statement, and this mission statement and the pod casts on the OTTT page... "and you would begin to understand, that the heart and the mind, in the third mind, gods as thee manifest infinity of creation" to understand what is happening... the moment has arrived, we have not been waiting, we have been doing and now its time as we know it is. T.I.M.E to coum together with more of thee others who are waiting, working, going further, doing more or less than the smallest and the largest of known time and space/ this instant/ desire/ sigil/ reverberating, subverting control, short-circuiting desire... and there is Thee Bible, a history and a guide, not a command but an insight related through a kind of personal honesty (which is rare in these parts, indeed). That there is presented to us, from the past, a continuously serious truth which offer up methods for deprogramming, that which you are and can becoumE more... as the world of the flat and common state peoples fails; we turn to the truth of our fictions and begin to dream again, to dream with each other as in to make a new, to make anew and to renew by moving on... akin to all alternatives and limits exposed by their seekers, we bring you Thee OTTT... 

14 May, 2011

NetLogo: modeling micro and macro behavior of multiple 'agent'

Okay, back in the day, perhaps the mid to late 1980s, Sim City came out. It was exciting, as it seem to offer the promise or at least the possibility of modeling reality. But of course, there is the problem of variables, and there are so many to take into account. And then there is the problematic of a subject and of a subjectivity that actually corresponds to empirical or real world situations. And perhaps, one would assume that by now people, scientists, would be using simulated worlds to test out their theories, but this is not the case. Or rather, this is slowly becoming the case, such that what was once understood as gaming, and hence not serious, is now being taken serious by academics in a range of disciplines, form the Humanities to Biology, Economic theory to Postmodern theories of self and subject, hence agents.

This bring me to mention a program called NetLogo, which does all the above. I am very new to it, but I am learning  And in my excitement, I thought I would share this information with you all. 

02 May, 2011

Osama Bin Laden: does it even matter?

By now you have probably heard the news that Osama Bin Laden is dead. But I want to ask, what does it matter? Is this not a shallow symbolic victory? Allow me to explain, before you click way, or chalk this up as something or other (some type of label or category).

I remember the day of 9/11, that is, I remember something I wish I had taped. I wish I could find. For it was the first time I had ever heard the news, any news organization, speak with such candid honesty. It went something like this. One reporter said, do we know that it was Bin Laden? No, said another corespondent, but, at this point it does not matter, the country needs a face for this horrible tragedy. Of course I was like, wow, did I just really hear that? I knew what I heard, but that level of honesty, almost unheard of. Okay... fast forward to a few days ago, when it was first reported that Osama had been killed by US forces in Afghanistan. Okay, he is dead. Let us just accept that, and ignore the reality that he has unknown amounts of doubles or whatever else may cast suspicion on the validity of this really being the death of that infamous Osama Bin Laden. Let us say it was, that he is dead. So what? What does it matter? Does that put an end to Al-Qaeda?

We have been told in the past, that it really does not matter if we caught Osama or not, as there were already new leaders emerging, and that at most it would be a symbolic victory, a sense of vindication, some might say, an empty victory? So, seriously, what does this matter? It might matter that we turned him into a martyr? The symbolic power of this event can be spun many ways, which is the grand power of rhetoric, maybe even logic, or both. Do you know how this makes America safer? As if we can ever be safe, just read about what Oppenheimer told the US government shortly after the invention of the atomic bomb, about the possibility of stopping a nuclear attack, in particular, a suitcase nuke. You know what he said? Once it invented, once its been done, once its out there, there is no way to stop its proliferation (its just science for bleeps sake), in fact, that might be the wrong move altogether. OF course, they did not really want his opinion, the commission just wanted to hear what they wanted to hear, and that was not it. So tell me, why should I even care about this? Are we going to make it a holiday?