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14 May, 2011

NetLogo: modeling micro and macro behavior of multiple 'agent'

Okay, back in the day, perhaps the mid to late 1980s, Sim City came out. It was exciting, as it seem to offer the promise or at least the possibility of modeling reality. But of course, there is the problem of variables, and there are so many to take into account. And then there is the problematic of a subject and of a subjectivity that actually corresponds to empirical or real world situations. And perhaps, one would assume that by now people, scientists, would be using simulated worlds to test out their theories, but this is not the case. Or rather, this is slowly becoming the case, such that what was once understood as gaming, and hence not serious, is now being taken serious by academics in a range of disciplines, form the Humanities to Biology, Economic theory to Postmodern theories of self and subject, hence agents.

This bring me to mention a program called NetLogo, which does all the above. I am very new to it, but I am learning  And in my excitement, I thought I would share this information with you all.