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17 August, 2011

Announcement: moving onward with other projects, St. Stephen


What we will no longer be bringing you:
We just wanted to let you all know that St. Stephen and Shitty Bear's Corner, aka The Corner, will return to its 'normal format'. What that means is we will be moving away from the work of the One True TOPI Tribe, as that is currently being handled through the Jack Frost Committee. The Jack Frost Committee is a psychick work-team, directed by Aglaeca, and supported by thee others. Aglaeca, along with St. Stephen, engage in a tunneling of the material potentials the present themselves through a third mind, a literary, entity, Thee Uncondemning Monk. For information on that group-subjectivity, see Thee Uncondemning Monk and related sites.

an personally designed mug, lost to the world
What we will be bringing you:
St. Stephen will be back in the coming months. He will be bringing you work information and the sort of offbeat information that you have come to expect. Articles on such things as war and failed programs, to "academic" translations of non-English language texts. Concerning the translations, the are expect to be concentrating in the field of philosophy and literature, in the languages of German and French. Whatever the subject, whether is be a poem or a stop light on some fragment of news worthy information, all we can say is change is bounded and to happen as long as we unfold.