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22 April, 2011

Socrates the Virtual Reality Experience: Education Adaptation

What if you could interact with the ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates?

Opposite Appendages, connected by an invisible body, duality:
choice of the Good and Bad; bodies we are mixtures

With virtual reality, in its present state, this is possible. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and because I want to see this come to fruition, I have decided to take the risk and put my idea out there. But if someone does think this is a good idea, and can help, I hope that they would involve me in the project. So if you are seriously interested leave a comment, but not that you have to be seriously interested to leave a comment, no not at all.

The idea is simple a virtual reality version of Socrates, but this, to my mind, immediately brings to mind the question of version, which Socrates? And by that I mean, what rating version? Not that there are not alternatate and competing versions, brought together to form a realistic Socrates. All of which is culled from fragments, that is various anceint sources, who speak of Socrates, for Socrates, as Socrates, with Socrates... but I am moreover thinking of the fact that Socrates taught boys many things, including sexuality. That is right, do you have you child or student learn about the real, that is actual Socrates, the Socrates that practiced pederasty (for a good article, see a text called Fuck You Socrates, which is a text from a peer review journal).

So do we stay faithful to tradition, to history, to the total educational experienced, or do we edit reality, as we already do with our history (which have no choice but to be selective, but often it is a matter of not degrees, but of Good verse Bad history, and what history should be, that is ought be, which is alway a choice, a choice which is never completely free, as it is forced to obey the dominate logic of the discipline (and yet resistance is possible, necessarily so). But back to the basic question, and I would of course given the opportunity, be interested in building the immoral or amoral or differently moral version of the "real" Socrates, which in turn would mostly be forced by standards and practices, concerned moms, and the media that instills fear in them, and all other institutions that play their parts/roles, as they act as mechanism of control, to be Socrates-lite, PG-13 or even G.

Now, is that how we raise adults to be mature beings, with lies that cover the nasties of reality? The same attempt was committed by the King who sired Siddhārtha Gautama, who became Buddha, brought about by this dichotomy of the Good life, verses the life of Suffering. And on that note, Virtual Nietzsche, would also be vastly interesting, as his reevaluation of all moral calls also for a hierarchal society, not unlike the Brahman Caste System, and as such, Buddha stands opposed to Nietzsche, as suffering is for the later the way to vitality, to suffer to the point of joy, as Buddha too suffer to the point of revaluation, of a Hegel unity of opposites in ecstasy, to the point right before (pure annihilation) Nirvana, and returns to the Hindu idea that from Kali Yuga we will all ascend together to the next age of time (God), Sayta Yuga.

I will end there with more brought up than discussed. And anyone interested in putting together a virtual reality version of any philosopher, let me know. I have some computer programming skills (and computer skills), a decent understanding of philosophy and literature (I have the equivalent of a Master's degree in Philosophy, which I will be awarded after I finish my Doctoral Work in Comparative Literature (only a few short years left, thank Bog)), and would welcome anyone who will take this seriously.

As always, let us here on the corner know that you where here, leave a comment... for a good beginning on the type of research in area of artificial intelligence programs please review this link: computer programing and the Socratic method.