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02 October, 2015

The Corner's Return


It's been quite a while since I wrote on this blog. I am just going to make a quick, short, statement. Basically, I just want to inform people that Shitty Bears Corner is coming back online. It had been caste away for deletion, to become fragments of dusty layers found as remnants in various hard-drives across the globe. That being said, we are resurrecting this blog. And returning to our work, which is a sacred-political mission. We will leave you with the words of St. Bataille.

"We would die quickly if we had not taken care to insert ourselves into a system of economic exchanges. Its hardly any less necessary for the life of the mind: the most profound difference may be related to the fact that the mind can die of inanity without any real suffering." -- Bataille

Coyotel Rising,
Rev. Al L. Aguero, aka Shitty Bear