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30 December, 2011

i-d-entity detach

I detach
rhyminds me of attack
the word-virus
be... B... B
Question Control?
Is it always this uncertain?
If it is always this uncertain how do we know?
You can never know.
Do you want our bodies?
What do you want with them?
I detach...

26 June, 2011

The Uncondemning Monk: "In Site 23 Insight 32" fan-release

Greetings from The Corner,

We have just released one of the working tracks for the working project, Skiddoo 32: On 23 Skiddoo Street. The song was created, in part, to be part of a longer One True TOPI Tribe Compillation, which is yet to be released (the production is in the works, perhaps even as i type this blog post)... but as we have said, we will be periodically releasing tracks that are related to the Skiddoo 32 project, as they come to fruition.

front cover for "In Site 23 Insight 32", by Thee Uncondemning Monk

That being stated, without further ado, from Thee Uncondemning Monk, a new track: "In Site 23 Insight 32"

---We hope you enjoy.

Of course, we will be posting again, to let you know that the new compilation is out, as well as other "songs" that are being worked upon, including those that have yet to be born, even conceptually. As a project, Skiddoo 32 has no end in site (yet it is imaginable that this working title will one day be retired, and a new project started). In the meantime, earlier related OTTT musical/spoken-word works can be found on thee TOPI-Network.